Apr 13 2012

Chaka wearing a GIS jersey in 1990 at City Gardens, me and Tim were probably there trying not to get our 13 yr old selves mushed out by some gnarly New York hardcore dudes, found HERE.
P.S. XYZ Homie!

(Going back through my recollection of early 90’s City Gardens shows I think this show was, Inside Out, Insted, Burn, Refuse To Fall and Vision? Or is it the Sick of it All/AF/Burn show where many famous skinhead/fighting stories were created. The other Burn show I remember was Sick Of It All, Rest in Pieces(cancelled), Discipline-Oceans of Mercy(I think they filled RIP’s spot), ?, and Burn. I’m sure Robby Redcheeks can correct me all day on this one. Its noted that the inside out show was more peaceful and the other two shows were literal bloodbaths.

Also note the people we were scared of were all 7 feet tall and 300 pounds (without their Doc Martens on). They all had shaved heads with American flags tattooed on the side and looked like they got in 5 fights a day before breakfast. They enjoyed murdering suburban types more than anything in the world. You could not look in their direction or god forbid point in their direction without getting a Boot Party from 5 of them at once. I swear. I think they all died, joined the army for life, or went to jail for murder-and then there were the Nazi Skinheads, a whole other topic.)