Made The Mileage

Apr 01 2012

Everyone put in big numbers today and yesterday, but the people below carried us over the top in mileage.
Less elevation than last week, but I think we can hit 100k feet this week.

50mi Ride and Up Weekender Club:
-Thue 100/100
-Adam S 120 Sunday!
-Brian Q
-Brian VanA (79road/sat and 30mtb/sun)
-Brooks R
-Nate G
-Tim G (mileage and elevation not included. +50 +2100)
-Me(My mileage was up but their climbing was above mine and nate took my midvale 5th place.god, what next? apparently mileage and elevation not included. +50 +600)
(+Dan’s good for 150 mi and 3000ft elevation for the week I think-I’m sure when strava gives me and dan those edge 800’s this will all clear up)

(Noted Peter J did a ride everyday this week. His efforts are recognized.)
(I’ll get into a full weekly report soon)