Updated Proposed Fern Hill CX Race Course

Mar 28 2012

-I used google maps and illustrator because you can’t zoom in or use satellite on strava (boo).
-This is a little longer than my route, with two loops around the trees and down that slope, probably adding another 8 feet of climbing.Plus I drew the line for this route all the way up to Route 1 because all of that scrub is cut down and there’s a bit of a path on running on top. Maybe another 20 feet of elevation, possibly running up it.
-There’s a lot of cool exits to the sidewalk I didn’t use to keep it in the park. But they are good possibilities.
-There are some good tight looping inner roadways to add also and a pavilion to barge through. But I am leaving the particulars up to the staff of Chill Cycle.
-Tunnel under Route 1
(Obviously to anyone official browsing, this all just a thought, don’t worry, we haven’t got our Campagnolo sponsorship yet.)