Russian Tour

Mar 27 2012

in 2007 naomi levine and her father richard levine (who has been vegan fro 30 years) took a bike tour of russia.

-vladimir is the guy in spandex and the blue/ whit cycling cap. he teaches math at the university and is a member of the moscow cycling club . tour guide.
-he is holiding russian honey beer in the photo of him with a bottle
-andre is the homie with th e mustache. he was the ” tour suport. he thought that americans loved peanut butter so he would whip out a huge tub of that shit at every stop. he was also part of some russian sport where you would run in areanas till you would pass out and whoever ran the longest won. hed wake up early and run before everyone got up.
t- ther e is a photo of russian youth looking tough with a bike
-bikes in a boat!
-andre knows what you want to eat

basically ,,,,,,,,riding a bike is a fun cheap thing to do.go to other countries or cities or hoods and rip shit up.

From:Sterling Couriers