Mar 26 2012

I’m not going to manually upload my ride until I get an official Strava ruling. I’m going through the proper strava channels, I do not want to be accussed of e-doping or faking a ride, that is the worst shame of all strava related shames.

Chill Cycle Sunday Minutes:

3:15 Zoe donations perused.

3:30 Nate G rides his Cinelli over time trialing nate’s alley for the 17th time.

3:32 Last of beer cans from last week opened.

3:33 Wheels installed on Raleigh Super Course. Cranks don’t fit. Wheels really are 27. RD is a nightmare. Possible single speed.

3:35 Sheldon Brown discussed.

3:38 Velo-Orange Bars Discussed, Rivendell Discussed, Some Bike Stores Discussed

4:01 Nate G wonders why Woody hadn’t signed up for GSLL yet and we decide that some more serious racing dudes don’t want their power files all out there in the open.

4:02 We discuss possible strava strategies for manipulating ride results in an effort to deceive opponents of your actual racing condition in upcoming races.

4:23 Plans for Fern Hill CX course and MTB track discussed. Friends of Fern Hill discussed.

4:28 I bounce who knows what happens next.