Next Week:

Mar 25 2012

200 Rides / 2000mi / 100,000feet?
and 50 members?

Possibly more EU brethren showing off their local terrain?
Possibly the UK is represented?
Possibly some Canadians other than Brenden? Maybe some French Canadian Track Bike Riding Grandpa Types?
Possibly more Bike Messengers showing fools how its really done?
Possibly some ladies letting these guys know its not just boys fun?
Possibly gs guccilife, fixacwb, milanofixed, and some others blogs represent for their respective cities?
Possibly strava throws me and dan two Edge 800’s?
Possibly JAPAN and all ASIA represents?
Possibly you stop talking about bikes and start riding them?
Possibly I dust off the button maker and make G.S. Landlords buttons for the people putting in miles?


-LA is happening. When you guys get our Bike Church funded there you’ll have to take us up Trash Truck.
-Bay Area stepping up with Oakland Andrew stepping in.
-Philly is repping tough, of course. New dudes doing interesting rides.
-New York is stepping up its recreational riding, with Brian Q holding down the work side of it daily. Where’s Kunle? Will Steve dust off the Masi and the Cartman jersey?

Free Thue!or no one is riding for us in the EU.

-More bike info and truth.
-Info intense ride descriptions featuring technical aspects not limited to but including gearing, personal and equipment performance, plus personal ride narrative.
-Photos of where the GS is riding.
-Photos of GS riders bikes.
-Even more PMA

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