Maxin Out.

Mar 25 2012

I was thinking about GS Landlords Team Member Charlie H. maxed out at 34 x 28 and the mileage and elevation he put in.

Everyone should list the gearing choices on their bikes so we can really get into the ride.

I will start by saying I am currently pushing a little to hard with 53/39 x 11-23, but it goes real fast. I should probably switch it up in back with 12-25, I don’t use the 11 that much, and could use a little more than 23 when things get bleak. I guess 53 x 11 was my track back sprint/masher fantasy when I was getting the components together for my bike.

Maybe in our ride comments section we can list what our gearing was at key points in the ride? It could be helpful to everyone to see.
Or not, but I’m curious, the guy that rode around SF on the Merckx fixed gear, what was his gear ratio? 50 x 18? haha.