Final Strava Membership Drive Break

Mar 21 2012

You know how NPR sucks when they’re doing their Pledge Drive?

Before my Strava recruitment gets to that level I’m going to leave potenial (strava) friends with a couple more motivational aspects of signing up.

1)You can do one ride and then never be heard from again. Important routes and missions must be logged.

2) Many of the rides logged are under 5 miles, some under 2 or even 1.

3)This is multi-use club. It works for you by encouraging more and faster riding, it works for us by documenting contemporary cycling patterns and providing a constant ticker of miles rolling over in our mission to reach the moon.

(I’m going to hold off on that roster for a while and just let it grow ((hopefully)). Membership is open.)

Also Robert A. is dedicated.

and look how Thue is rolling: