How to Cheat at Strava!!! E-Doping!

Mar 20 2012

Just so its common knowledge-

(we discussed this at Chill Cycle Sunday, and we came up with some better techniques.)

Take everything with a grain of salt.

(And what’s up with Michael Rasmussen? He’s been a favorite of mine since his KOM breakaway in the Tour in 20??. <((Why do you think the dustward pyramid logo is those colors? Rabobank and a Black Colnago with White Decals- fucker.))>And his off the tarmac,MIA in Central America routine was pure classic material. But he’s working Strava too? Yeah man!)

(This is a little old, there’s some cool power file manipulation going on too, E-Doping!)

(GSLL member Nate G has gone on record to state that he will never falsify a strava ride.)