Slow Gain

Mar 15 2012

We have members from the West Coast and now Canada but we need more.


A non-commercial, internet blog based, cycling club interested in collecting mileage.

Global – Single riders, not representing corporate structure entities, are welcome!

Good bikes are preferred but not mandatory. If you don’t know what a good bike is look at the last 1200 posts of our blog. If you still don’t get it write us an email and ask what you’re doing wrong. We’ll happily break it down for you.

Our admittance rules are not as stringent as L’Eroica, but if things get out of hand we’ll certainly tidy up any loose ends.

(This brother looks stressssssed, yet for some reason the gentleman in the Brooks newspaperboy kit looks like he’s rolling about 5 mph. )

(No cycling trucker jackets permitted. I guess we should have a dress code. And some other stuff. We can’t have someone out there going bananas on our watch. We have a responsibility to the people, you know?)