We Need More Members.

Mar 14 2012

I guess if strava had a Global Ebay and Craigslist Browsing while smoking weed APP we’d have a lot more members.

For real though, if you are really only riding from your luxury loft-style condominium to the starbucks on your track bike we still want your mileage.

(((This is a NWPhiladelphia(Read:GERMANTOWN)-Based Club but WE ENCOURAGE WORLD-WIDE MEMBERSHIP))))

It seems interesting to see where and how people ride bikes.

No one’s a pro on here, we’re just into riding bikes.

We’re waiting on EuroMTB Brent (DC) and Robert A (Napa) to sign up to the club and boost our mileage significantly, on the ROAD.

(Signing up to prove something is OK! But leave your baggage at home! We can not be your salvation! Ulterior Motives are a sure way to lose membership.)