Strava Group Update

Mar 13 2012

I don’t want to start the group until we have 10 members.
Last night Bob CorkGrips, EuroMTB Brent, and Robert A showed interest.
We need more!

It would be cool if we could get some people out of the US. Just so our mileage could be diverse.

Don’t be scared, its a no pressure group. Nobodies going to crack on you when you spin out on the first climb and start hyperventilating-Because we won’t be there.

-But your mileage will be recorded and you will want more.

(I’m looking for top 3 (again) on at least two of the local NWP climbs this year. I believe it will be way more contested this year with more people on Strava, so hopefully I’ll make the top 10haha )