Criteria For Buying a Racing Road Frame

Mar 13 2012

As a post NAHBS show closer we leave you with these thoughts.

From our understanding when buying a Road Frame from a small builder you are looking for:

1)Proven History
2)Tradition of Framebuilding
3)Quality Materials

If the builder did not race, or work with racers, it seems unlikely that the builder would understand what was needed for the bike to perform correctly.

(This logic works all the way down the line. If you want to buy a city bike, buy one from someone in your city that understands and has a proven history of city riding. This doesn’t mean they got into framebuilding in 2008 because all the Graphic Designer jobs dried up, it means they were a messenger, or racer, and a mechanic, and they ride bikes everyday forever and they’ve been living this for years. Which will lead us to our upcoming Hanford Cycles project.. You don’t want a road guy building your MTB, etc etc etc.)

If the builder did not come from cycling, but was dropped in to bikebuilding from Mars, it seems unlikely they could understand the needs of a seasoned rider.

(continuing on the same tangent. Its cool you like “beautiful bikes” or whatever, but that doesn’t mean you understand cycling at all)

If the builder is presenting you with sub-standard tubing material and telling you its all good, you do not want to mess with them.

(elementary, but seems to be pretty widespread with new jacks.)

-If the person doesn’t like Landlords Cycling, immediately leave the shop. This is not a good place!

(Note to all the salty builders we just offended: Why don’t you sponsor a team and make bikes for racing, not j’ing off on? )