A Good Trek?

Mar 11 2012

Andrew Crap Maggot sent in this grocery store, tall trek.

(none of this really matters because I zoomed in and saw the box was from California but its still more interesting then my trek thoughts.)

I’m really interested in the Clementines. Where are they from? Spain, Morocco, or Southern California? I think the Spanish ones were real good this year, and the first box of Moroccan ones I got was pretty good, but my new Moroccan box has some duds in it.

My favorite box was the one that had little “Moroc” in a diamond stickers on every orange.


What were we talking about Treks?

I guess I’d be pissed if SF had Spanish Clementines and Philly did not.

Whatever I guess it doesn’t matter. I didn’t even try the California ones yet.

Oh wait, does California even import Clementines-because they grow them?

I’m sure there’s so many factors that effect the taste of the Clementine-

And whether you’re able to remove the peel all in one piece.