Continuing Road Bike Butchery

Mar 09 2012

(I think LeMans’ was pasted in there from wikipedia or something, just because the rest of the ad is in CAPS.)

(Everyone who has these bikes ((roadbike butchered fix gear conversion ))is so proud of them. I won’t lie, I had a nishiki in 1995, that I spray painted red, and cut the chain. It was very toy, and very dangerous, and I was proud of it. It was my first bike past a Sears hybrid, since I had discovered skateboards 1 million years before that. The brake lever was falling apart, you had to squeeze it right at the end, with your finger or it wouldn’t work. I might have even cut the bullhorns and turned them over. I mean I was 19 in 1995, I should have known way better, what the fuck was I thinking? So this guy, he’s like 25 years under the curve.)

-Peter from CoCo’s
(In 1995 the value of a complete nishiki road bike was about 30 dollars)