Best Track Courier Nick-Name.

Mar 05 2012

Joel Money’s rookie year courier name was Tom Kellogg-because he rode a Tom Kellogg (not spectrum) track bike.

For a Philly track messenger, that’s really the ideal bike and ideal nickname.

While we’re talking about Joel:

Hey man, did that Dick Power track bike make it to Montana?

In 1999 I sold Joel my 1950’s Dick Power track bike with inch pitch pista cranks, the best brooks racing saddle ever, and the craziest narrow cinelli track bars for $250 to move to New York.

(I believe that’s a proper price for messengers to sell complete track bikes to each other. It keeps the bikes where they belong. I mean if you’re selling them to normals you can charge the vintage-boutique-globally-listed landlords-highlighted-price, but to a real messenger, keep that price low. )

Dick Power being another really good Track Messenger nickname, I don’t know anyone who could hold it down besides Joey D.

What-choo know about Dick Power in Queens ?
Talk about American Framebuilding.

Here’s some photos of a Dick Power from BikeCult (not Joel’s, that ones better).
It says Sunnyside, Long Island on the seat tube, but Woodside on the downtube.

(Track Dudes think about this: Joel was a messenger on a Tom Kellogg track bike who owned a Dick Power track bike for his show ride. You can’t even compete if you’re in the US.)