Odawara Keirin

Mar 01 2012

A shuttle bus picked us up outside Odawara Train Station and drove us about 1/2 Mile to The Velodrome, It was full of old men looking at Keirin newspapers.

Everyone was there to bet, I don’t think there was one single cycling fan there…

I checked out the map, got a beer and a veggie tempura, and took a seat deep in turn 1 in the mostly empty velodrome….

Between Races everyone just goes to the concourse area and watches other races on TV and looks at screens full of info while they announce last minute gear ratio changes over the loud speaker.

Once the race started, everyone packed into the seating area. I snapped a few pics of the races, but the NJS security was tight and yelled at us more than once for photographing the races. Big thanks to Koki for taking me out to Odawara, quite an experience.
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