Telavio =3500 Euros?

Feb 27 2012

Strong pedigree, interesting price.

Very very rare TELAVIO frame by PINO MORRONI,the legendaryItalian framebullder who made several titanium components for the hour’s record bike EDDYE MERCCKX.


This is an amazing steel frame made by PINO MORRONI in the Federal Cycling Centro Studio in Rome in late 1980’s.

Columbus SL double butted steel tubing machined by PINO MORRONI himself in order to thin the standart walls.
Presence of unique lateral stiffeningbrazed rods in the main tube(one in the seat tube,two in the main tube,two in the top tube).
Rear Campagnolo dropouts modified citting the forward lip resulting in something like modern vertical dropouts.
Early ovalized chain stays,130mm rear spacing.
Columbus SL butted fork with semi-slooping cast fork crown with oval dove logo into boths sides of the shoulder.
BB shell and lug set made by ROTO.
Original violet paintscheme with several superficial scratches,no dents,straight frame.
top tube measuring cm 57 center to center,seat tube cm 58 center to center.