Skipping Fixed-Heading Right to the Realness.

Feb 21 2012

Current Average Urban American Bicycle progression goes:

-BMX, Skateboard, Razor Scooter, Whatever.

-Buster Mutant Bike with Cut Chain and all this stuff modified to make it look like a track bike.

-Track Bike (clearly a wide array of cheap, modern horror to pick from here.)

(Fixie Graduate-single speed with lots of fenders and a rack, mustache bars, clementine box)

(Cool Commuter-CX with a rack or vintage road 6spd w/downtube shifters))

-Contemporary Component Road Bike, MTB or Quit.

-Quit and become a bike collector.

This guy skips the middle step, but how much longer before he gets tired of struggling with his friction downtube shifters and wants some ergo index action?