Good Luck with that Price…

Feb 15 2012

Green Nashki $1000…keeps up with most track bikes. Ok then, I’m sold, I always wanted a Nashki with shmanno componints.

…Try a 1/4 oz of weed, maybe a half if its your luck day. This is craigslist-not Antiques Road Show. A dude just sold a complete 84 Olympic Pinarello Treviso for 950. C’mon bro. Just because you got this wheelset built doesn’t mean its worth the price you paid. Bike math doesn’t work that way.

Wait, are those Power Bar brand rims too? Is that like the Performance house brand?

I’m not even dissing Performance besides the horrible bikes they sell and their 25 emails a day policy. I’m down for cheap tubes, cheap tires and cheap Louis Garneau.