Feb 14 2012

-While we’re dealing with 97-98 messenger season we might as well drop in a picture of our house. 4518 Walnut Street was a 8 bedroom 4 story mansion inhabited by a frightening list of delinquent messengers, punks, cyclists, and graffiti writers from September 1997-September 1998. It was visited by a non-stop list of late 90’s instigators and hosted many memorable parties, post race and otherwise. If you stopped through in that year you may remember using our trampoline.

To put the spot in perspective you have to imagine that we had a non-billed phoneline in our house which provided free long distance calling in a time period where that actually mattered. There would be a line of squatters in the living room calling home for $ for more face tattoos or dogs. Me personally, (Tim), used the phone line to routinely prank call Kent McClard- to put it into even deeper late 90’s perspective.

-Guza was crabbing us one time and called it Phi Beta Chain Ring.

-If you were ever asked to leave a party-you’re still Landlords Blacklisted.