Mass Produced Track Bike Progression

Feb 02 2012

Starting in 1995 here’s a list of shitty, iconic, mass produced track bikes.

-blue KHS with the bent seat tube

-grey KHS with bent seat tube

-black GT with unconventional seat stays

-Flat Black Bianchi Pista

-Red/Yellow Fuji

-Chrome-look Bianchi Pista


-SE Drift

Don’t forget about this one, produced before 96′??? before the “craze” probably made as a cheap off-season trainer, definently a junker….I aint gonna front, I had one.

After that everything became indistinguishable. (The iro and the drift are interchangeable-ly horrible. No style, no soul, just some crappy metal glued together with the tears of the Cycling Gods)


We know some of you uninformed people like these bikes.
We need to inform you, they suck.
They sucked then, they suck now, they suck forever.
The stock components lasted weeks when used for messenger work.
For real.
Don’t ever confuse yourself into thinking any of these bikes was ever a good bike.

(The pre-2000 bikes were all probably designed with the velodrome in mind-Those blue aero GT’s produced at the same time as the black ones were very common in American racing. The post 2000 bikes were definitely not designed for velodrome racing.)