Campagnolo BMX

Jan 25 2012

When the Pista cranksets disappeared the remaining NOS campy BMX cranks were quickly devoured by savvy messengers. There were more than a few sets laying around, not many people in the 80’s ,in the US, would have put that stuff on their BMX.

(In Philly, of course, Curtis sold them.)

These components are the precursor to “the anodized track crap with matching rims” trend.

The difference in the components lies within the “When Shimano is breaking down, Campagnolo is breaking in” Bike Shoppe rule.

For the purpose of this post you can substitute whatever Xtreme Track Component Company Name for Shimano.

(circa 2005: I was waiting for Landlord Gary Knight in front of Virgin at NY Union Square, we see this guy ride up with all matching anodized track stuff on a beat repaint wearing a skateboard helmet. We laughed and laughed…and Here we are now.)

(Note on CMX picture: Next Fall I’m totally taking all my bikes out into Fern Hill and flicking them with leaves falling all around them.)