Not For Sale

Jan 23 2012

This guy thinks he’s going to bribe us with a 6 month (lifetime) subscription and a good review in a magazine we’d never look at.

Apparently, in track bike journalism you don’t have to see the product before you review it.

Perhaps this is why there is acceptance of so much absolute garbage on the streets.

Think about that next time you’re reading a review about how cool and quality a sub-standard, modern, “fixie” product is-

Its called Payola.

Companies flow product to participating media outlets-participating media outlets review the product well. The general population, none the wiser, respects the media outlet and purchases the sub-standard product.

For example:

A sneaker company designs a shoe for the “fixie market”. The shoe is a redesigned skateboard shoe quickly pushed into a developing market. It sucks. No cyclist would wear them. Skateboard shoes for bikes? Come on.

The undaunted sneaker company sends a box of shoes, stickers, t-shirts, and other promotional items to an unethical “fixie” media outlet.

The sneaker company then buys ad space in the unethical, fixie, media outlet with the understanding that as long as $$$ and product are flowing to the unethical, fixie, media outlet good reviews will follow, ensuring the sneaker’s success.

Landlords won’t participate-There will never be ads or bogus reviews on this website.

We exist only in service of Cycling.

Our mission is to preserve and showcase 130 years of developed, linear, cycling history and style.

If you are the type of person whose interest in cycling begins and ends with “fixies” perhaps this is not the blog for you.

Thanks for reading, we hope this sets some things straight.

And as far as Mr. DiAntoni’s suspisions go-of course they are right.

How much clearer could we make it?