Updated TrackBike Chart

Jan 08 2012

Level 1 is pre-derailleur.
Level 2 is roots (needs a section for “the collector”. They supplied many fine vehicles for 3-5)
Level 3 is where it really begins.
Level 4 finalizes the style
Level 5 marks the entry of non-messenger, non-cyclists. Its also the shortest time segment. (This is where the most deviations within the messenger community developed-aluminum frames and bars, the worst. Goofy “punk” accessories next.)
Level 6 is the explosion. Style bastardized
Level 7 is Babylon. No Style
Level 8 isn’t on the chart-Its all the deviations and cliques formed without influence of 1-4. It really has nothing to do with us, or cycling. It follows the current streetxwear/skateboard/bmx industry map.