Letter to the Editor:

Dec 25 2011

Dear Landlords:

i need to ask him why exactly, but my grandpa was definitely using a legnano track bike on the streets of montrĂ©al in the mid 40es. and so were his friends… and he not carribean….




Your grandfather sounds like he was having fun, if you have pictures send them to us. Wasn’t there a velodrome there?

Basically the “Don’t talk to me” sign is paying respect to a group of immigrants who brought part of their culture to New York, adapted, and had it balloon into what ever it is now.

We aren’t discussing who was the first person to ride a fixed gear bike on a city street rather than a velodrome-If we were we’d be dating back into the 1800’s.

If your grandfather had moved to New York, started a bike shop that sold fixed gear bikes,developed a customer base of Montreal Ex -Pat fixed gear bike messengers who would eventually influence first messengers then normals, in all North American cities and then the world, to ride fixed gear bicycles we would have a sign that said “Don’t Talk To Me About Track Bikes unless you’re from Montreal”