Old Skool Track

Dec 19 2011

A guy rode up to me on what I remember to be a red colnago with a a full record set and gave me a business card for Old Skool Track. This was sometime near the very, very end of a mythical time period called the Salad Days of Messengers on Fixed Gear Bicycles. You know… when NY messengers would still tell you they only rode “Italian Steel” and brethren on the corner would yell “respect fixed wheel” when you were in a trackstand at the light.

When I was given this card the only other website in the world related specifically to track bikes was ” fixed gear fever “, which was clearly related to racing, and not messengers. (Do you remember looking at the track page on the Business Cycles website? We do.)

Anyway I thought I’d put it out there as an important urban cycling document. Rather than coming off as dated it serves as a great time capsule providing some early history, and ending in 2006 just as the fixed gear trend really exploded and 4 million awful track bike blogs, stores, and accessory companies began popping up like pus filled zits.

Here’s some important flicks: