Bike Math!

Sep 13 2011

Name Brand Taiwan Import Fixed Gear Trick Bike Retail: $750
Bike Store Wholesale: $375
Cost of Manufacture and Import: Less Than $175 (probably way less right?)

With profit like this you can see why all these junk bikes are being imported and sold to dorks.

Landlords encourage:

1)Not buying any of these products.
2)Learning about Bicycle history and basic mechanics
3)Buying/finding/swapping/selling quality, used bicycles and components


if you really want a new ride, and have the $$$-support small, independent, framemakers or buy classic, shop handbuilts from reputed companies.

We’ve previously spotlighted handbuilt, steel, lugged classics selling complete on eBay and elsewhere for the price of new, rip-off “name” brand pieces of shit currently available in stores as well as the work of current, domestic, framemakers who are building classic style steel, lugged bicycles.

The options are there for all styles of riding, though we do have to admit we would prefer to see the trick bike trend go the way of the pogo ball.