Waterford Paramount Restoration

Nov 12 2010

So I’m going to begin this process.

I’ll update the blog with pertinent information about the project.

Part 1- Fundraising. I’m selling my matsuri track frame. Its a 58-steel and lugged of course. Frame and bottom bracket only, no fork. Beat to fuck paint. Plus some ok sugino track cranks, and some decent 1987 shimano 600 track pedals with nice double leather straps. plus Nitto track bars, with a cool steel GB cinelli style stem. I think that’s all the non-campag stuff I have in the track bike** department for sale.

Maybe on ebay, or maybe craigslist, or if the timing is correct in the under construction by appointment only Landlords Bike Shoppe.*

Inquire early @ info@duffedout.com

I’m not sure where that will put me in terms of restore funds, but at least it will be a start.

Other Needs:

76 Record High Flange Pista Hubs (mine were both stolen seperately after being rebuilt from tubulars,one outside my Norfolk Street Apartment, and the other vanished in some shady, mysterious circumstance)

165 Record driveside crank arm -snapped that in another totally burly trackstand restart disaster at Allen and Broome.

Headbadge This mysteriously disappeared sometime after I removed it from headtube so the bike wouldn’t get fucked with while locked up.

Period Correct Black Unica-Nitor padded saddle.

Replace BB shell
Replace Top Tube
Paint, maybe, maybe not.
New Decals

Rolling it out on sew-ups for sure.


*More on this later, its going to be a really cool place to buy a bike.
**I was going to make a rule like if you buy it you can’t skid on it but who cares, its only a Matsuri. Skid the fuck out of dude sideways with one leg over the bar and no hands. The paramount on the other hand, will never skid again.