Nov 11 2010

With all this Masi talk we want to triple check just to make sure that you know that new US Masi trixed gear thing you got has nothing to do with the handbuilt steel, lugged campag equipped Masis we showscase here.

your fake masi is a:

There’s tons of bike names that have been sold to wack third party investors, like haro, who push out mass produced crap, Masi being just one of many.

From wikipedia:

“Later, Faliero returned to Italy. Disputes over volume production caused a break in relations between Masi and the US Masi investors. The ownership of the US trademark remained with the US operation, so the Masi family were unable to sell bikes in the US under their own name.[1]

Alberto Masi would later release bikes into the US under the “Milano 3V” name.[2]

The Masi name and logo is now owned by Haro Bikes.”

For clarification, we like 60’s Masi’s from Italy and 70’s Carlsbad Masis the best.

check Mr. Alberto Masi at Milano 3v.

“Welcome to the Velodromo Vigorelli” -Alberto Masi

Available on the bEast Coast:

Wheelfine, Lambertville, N.J.

ATA Cycles, Cambridge, Ma.

Get Outside Bike, Ridgewood, N.J.

Cycle Dynamics, Greenwich, Ct.

Bicycle Renaissance, New York, N.Y.

R&A Cycles, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Tampa Bicycle Center, Tampa, Florida

Bicycle Workshop, Tenafly, N.J.

cool article with all the info:
“Considering all the marvelous innovations Alberto has made to the world of cycling why is he not well known in America? The man himself explains. “In 1972 my father foolishly sold our family name to a consortium in California. He never really envisioned the potenial of the US market for racing bicycles. Initially I tried to work with the people in California, but philosophically we are worlds apart. They want to sell frames of lesser quality that are mass produced. “”…