Again and Again – MasiBay claear out continues

Nov 11 2010

If you have $5000 extra dollars lying around you can get this (or if you have brain damage you can buy the “top of the line” $5600 dura-ace haro-masi) :

This is a full conserved Masi Speciale Corsa made in 1955 by Faliero Masi. The bike was recently found in these condition and was completely disassembled and reassembled after having polished and greased by Alberto Masi himself that controlled each parts. It’s a Masi of the first generation with Magistroni crankset. The Cycle sports a period Magistroni crankset, a period Campagnolo Gran Sport rear derailleur, Universal brakes, Ambrosio stem, handlebar and Campagnolo 27,2 seatpost. The saddle is a Brooks B17. We have also Campagnolo steel and aluminium hubs, Stella spokes 1,8/1,6, Fiamme rims and his original Silca pump. There is a George Fisher Shaffausen bottom bracket with Magistroni central axel and cups.The headset is a period Magistroni.The pedals are Sheffield. There are new cables and a new ” fettuccia” on the bar. The bike is ready for riding.

The dimensions of the bike are 51,5 (c/f) x 53 (c/c)