Masi Madness Continues

Nov 09 2010

Another 4500euro masi:

Here we have a great bike from 1966. It’s a Masi Gazelle. This frame was made by Faliero Masi for Rik Van Looy on october 1966 and remained in Masi shop for many years like a sample because his particularity, in fact the rear of the frame looks like a pista model with bigger tubes. Van Looy bought many frames from Masi until 1969 (on october 1969 he payed 12.000 belgium francs), about 8/10 in a year.

This frame was painted two years ago in a blu that was named “Van Looy” because a lot of Van Looy bikes were made in this colour. Alberto Masi decided to set on the bike Gazelle decals because in ’67 Van Looy rode with this brand and the frame was made at the end of ’66. In the last pic we can see a ticket with the sizes of the bike that were written by Faliero Masi himself and was found with the frame. We have Campagnolo cranckset, Universal 61 brakes, 3T stem and bar, Campagnolo Record rear derailleur with the levers at the end of the bar. We have also Record pedals with Christhope toe clips an Alfredo Binda straps. Under the botton bracket we can see V55R about the size (c/f) and the initials of Van Looy and also the date 10.66 (october ’66) that is not usual on a Masi frame, but in this case was very important because this kind of frame was made from Van Looy from october 1966.

The sizes of the bike are 55 (c/f) x 51,2 (inside the tubes) that correspond to 54 (c/c).

The bike will be sold with a Masi certificate

Don Dada