’76 Paramount

Nov 05 2010

This frame has been on ice since 2006, but its been asking to be repaired lately.

July 1976. (interesting note: all OG Landlords are born in 1976, its one of the rules of the club)
the damage:

Ok this cracked at Worth and Broadway. I was doing a trackstand (haha trackstand dude, cool) at the intersection for a few seconds, it was cold, frigidly cold, like 18 degrees F, and when I pushed forward, the seattube snapped the top of the BB shell. Believe I had to ride it out the rest of the day and night like that.

Now between the kryptonite chain, the signposts, and parking meters, my legs, dirty summers and nasty winters, this frame got thrashed, but nicely.

this awful ding some how occured while locked up. Probably backed into by a truck. (I want to replace the top tube)

Refurbish or just repair, answers soon.


Crushing the competition, SR, all OG , including sew-ups, in its early second life of couriering.