More Ebay fire

Oct 28 2010

This is an interesting auction for a couple reasons:its probably NOS ((no, its got 1000k on it, see below)) , a majority of auction bikes like this are equipped with Super Record or Nuovo Record groups, this bike has a C Record group with Delta brakes, a Campagnolo Electa saddle (pump,pump,pump it up),and even the C-Record pedals. Its closing in on 14 hundred and fools are drooling.

If you win this and want to work out a trade for Landlords books, holler. Anyone have a guess on how much the final price is?

Auction Ends today after 6EST.

((The guy who imported wants it back. Seller’s Remorse lasts forever. ” I was the one who imported this bike into the US. I rode it a very little bit (less than 1000 miles)and then was silly enough to sell it and have rued the day ever since. You should point out that it has a Campagnolo Elettra saddle with air bladder, as well as the hard to come by C-Record pedals. If I had the money I would offer to buy it immediately. Is there perhaps a bike that I could trade for it? BTW, I am the one who wrote the history of Licinio Marastoni that you quote in your description. I own 5 Marastoni bikes. Steven Maasland”))