Have you ever noticed…

Oct 28 2010

…that any auction title on ebay that includes any combination of the words fixed, fixie, track, or pista (50/50) is advertising overpriced toy bait?

(i.e. fixed/track/fixie/singlespeed for sale $900 dollars, for some piece of garbage 500 lb. road bike frame with all the braze ons filed down. duh.)

{{When will the madness end? I mean really enough already. We get it, you guys haven’t caught up yet, you’re still in the juniors, you’ll evolve one day.}}

{{{Also, if you must,must ride a track bike, just slow down instead of skidding. Its way better. Just slow your legs down and don’t look a herb}}}

{{{skidding, especially really far, always makes you look silly, especially if you do a cornball maneuver like putting one leg over the top tube when you do it, gawd. its revolting.}}}