Berlin Shops

Oct 23 2010

Berlin has 2 of the most impressive shops I have ever been to, first is CICLI-BERLINETTA

This shop is full of sick bikes, tons of vintage Italian Steel, more than I have ever seen in a bike shop anywhere. However these guys are complete dicks, and not in a good way. I visited this shop last summer at their old location and they were dicks there as well. On this visit I tried to give them a second chance to be cool and they weren’t. Im all down to be shut down by some geek who knows more than me but you have to have finesse. Honestly I could do with getting rid of half of the stuff in this shop, including their house brand bikes. I mean this fool had some top tube BMX pads on some classic Italian rides, MAJOR violations here!!!! After looking at their site they show their ass pretty hard, especially in their “Sexy Girls on Bicycles” photo set, no disrespect to the ladies in the pics but this shit is sooooooo wack! Despite having some of the nicest bikes I have ever seen on a shop floor, I wouldn’t buy a patch kit from these suckers……

Next up we have REMBETIS

This is the realness!!! A small shop packed with all kinds of balloon tire and vintage lightweight bikes. Now this guy is a dick as well but he has finesse! This guy is the coolest, he was wearing no cycling stuff, just some weird turkish magician looking outfit. I went there twice and both times he was smoking a hash cigarette just looking at us like “get the fuck out of here” this is the kind of son session I can take…..Respect Due!!!