Oct 15 2010

Masi Speciale Corsa- 5000 Euro

“Here we have a great bike. A Masi Speciale Corsa from the middle of ’50 period. The bike was made by Faliero Masi and restored by his son Alberto Masi. It was repainted in the original white colour with original copale decals. It was possible to do this because just few original decals were found. Every particular of the bike is original and not rechromed: little signs of rust are present in chromed parts but this is possible in a bike of about 55 years; Alberto Masi decided not rechroming this parts and leave them in the original condition.We have the original Cinelli stem and bar in steel, Universal brakes, Magistroni six arms cranckset. The rear derailleurs is Campagnolo Gran Sport and also the central axel is Campagnolo first type. We have Campagnolo hubs in steel and aluminium with high flanges. There is a good Brooks saddle a little younger than the bike. The bike has Sheffield pedals, Christophe toe clips and Alfredo Binda straps. In the third picture we can see Faliero Masi in 1955 at the Fiera del Ciclo e del Motociclo in Milan during the official presentation of this bike. He is showing this model to Fiorenzo Magni, Antonio Maspes and Loretto Petrucci. Just that year Fiorenzo Magni won Giro d’Italia with a bike like that with Fuchs logo made by Faliero Masi. ”
The sizes of the bike are cm. 57 (c/f) x 55,5

(style note: Mr. Masi’s decision to leave the chrome in its original state is what makes this bike so fresh and Landlords approved. )