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Aug 12 2010

Brian from SF hooked us up with some cool ebay auctions and pictures.

Zo Bag/Reality TV guy Auctions:
Puck, an early cast member from an MTV reality house show, is selling a lot of his stuff on ebay. Here’s two standout items.

Zo T-Shirt with Label Sewed on Front

I like where this guy is staying. It looks real mellow with all that wood and palm trees. I bet its cool to smoke a joint in that cabana backyard.

This is a early zo bag, probably a high-priced finish for this. (will trade for one LL book)

In this picture you can see there’s a pool behind the fence. Damn man, you made it. Also notice the tag on the fence post. (I wonder if Brian gets a percentage of the puck auctions?)

Some pictures:

More tomorrow.