Jul 25 2010

This colnago mtb is on ebay now-Buy now and we will trade for one landlords books.

If you want three books, buy this colnago/ferrari tandem mtb also available on ebay now and we will trade. (display sled must be included or no trade, you can keep all the shitty brett favre souvenirs)

If you’re saying to yourself “Dude, that first bike is 2k, and the tandem is 35k, why would I trade items that cost that much for a 100 dollar book?” you have to consider a lot more factors than the current monetary worth of the objects being discussed above to really understand what the trade entails.

Sure, you could just take the easy way out and pay 100 dollars for the book, many people take that route, and we do appreciate it, but its just not the same as buying a colnago mtb on ebay and having it sent directly to us.

You have to understand that we will ride the bike, that in itself is reason enough to spend the extra money. The joy of our riding is worth your money. But if that’s not enough for you cynical track bike hipster types, there is more.

A little known fact is the landlords book is actually far under-priced. (Straight up fool.)

The information contained inside is so valuable that a mere 35 thousand dollars is really nothing compared to the books actual worth.

“But why would you sell a book worth so much money for such a small amount, I mean it just doesn’t make sense.” You are probably saying to yourself right now.

The reason the book is so cheap is that we want it to be accessible to people, and you know with the economy and everything charging 50,000 USD a book seemed a little unfair.