Phil Legit’s Joke of the Week

Feb 03 2010

Hello everyone, Phil Legit here, just thought I’d lighten this dreary blog up with a little of my olde cycling humour, so without further delay, my joke of the week. Cheers-Phil

A motorist was pootleing around the essex lanes when he was overtaken by a cyclist in a dinner suit apparently going to a function. He sped up and eventually overtook the cyclist. Moments later the cyclist overtook him again.
“Blimey!” exclaimed the motorist “he’s fast”.
Coming to the open road the driver again overtook the cyclist, but again, moments later the cyclist over took him.
“Phew!” said the motorist I wonder how fast he can go. So he sped up even more well beyond a reasonable speed for a cyclist. But,again, he was overtaken. Perplexed the motorist put his boot to the floor and accelerated away from the cyclist at break neck speed.. But increadably the cyclist
passed by even faster than before. Confused and bewildered the motorist slowed to a crawl and strangely so did the cyclist. As they approached each other the cyclist turned around and the motorist wound down his window.

Thanks for stopping” said the cyclist “I’ve got me braces caught up in your wing mirror!