Saturday Selecter

Feb 06 2016

“Vibes for calming the courier hustle. Classic Reggae, multiple parts and they are all around an hour. ”

North Jersey Shop Visit Continued

Feb 06 2016












-Mat T

Schuykill River Trill

Feb 05 2016

All these CX races got me wanting to get outside.

SRT now with fewer muggers.

I guess tensions are running high after the po niner grabbed up 4 teens with a BB gun yesterday. Not to make light of anyone getting robbed or assaulted on this path, but it was really empty today, very relaxing to not have to worry about any unpredictable, ear phoned joggers/long boarders.

Plenty of snow left in the woods from last week and this morning. Bridges were still a little choppy.

Hey Philly people. This is yours. Use it. Or don’t actually. Fuck off, forget I brought it up. It was so nice today, I only saw one other bike at the Bells Mill crossing. CX I think, but I guess it could have been a gravely adventurer bike. I rode the Dandrea. No problemo, until climbing out up Valley Green and the whole drive train was jammed up with so much wissahickon mud it felt like I was crawling up the hill-while trying to friction shift anywhere up. It was cool, I really got a chance to check out the scenery. That one big stone wall near the top is so nice, I was studying it going 5mph.


Vintage Winter Assos (I was so jealous of Twills’s gator and bags and then I remembered I had a custom pair of Assos winter bibs, winter booties, and an all black Stinger cap plus those fresh Cinelli gloves. It briefly filled the empty hole in my collector’s heart. but only briefly. So sad.)

Check out that stitching fool. You’re not getting that kind of work from Murray on Essex.

You know there’s a saying out there “Assos-The Best.”

There’s another saying out there “Assos-Mad Expensive”

Cipo Update

Feb 05 2016

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 2.04.59 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 2.05.24 PM

(via cycling news may 2015)

Remember back in may when our hero Super Mario hinted that Contador moto-doped…
“My bike doesn’t have three motors, it has five! The whole thing about motors is a joke, it comes from the world of science fiction,” he (contador) said in the post-race press conference.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 2.08.25 PM
Alberto Contador always talking about science fiction and bad meat. I’m not saying homeboy has a moto, but he does have a lot of fishy stories.

Friday Selecter

Feb 05 2016

I’m going on a bike ride. Political season in the USA. War pigs seemed fitting. Bill Ward going to break his drum set.

Exhibit A

Feb 05 2016





-mat t

more exhibits soon.

Twills Scores

Feb 05 2016

Here’s a small teaser from another Mat T shop visit album…

(I can’t believe someone didn’t snatch up that gator in the 90′s. Such hot property, background mob in a Wu Tang video. It was sitting there since the 80′s. That’s some ski store territory. I wish I had one know. All I have is this dumb balaclava. You know how I talk about how hardcore changed in the 90′s? This was a pretty hype mosh pit accessory when the skinhead/youth crew started fading and other fashion elements took over.)

1975 Richard Sachs Track

Feb 04 2016






On eBay from Bikes Not Bombs Boston
-Addison M

Wilier Assist

Feb 04 2016

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 12.32.33 PM


“Of course, Wilier don’t sell a cyclocross bike with a hidden motor. But a Dutch bike shop will sell you one. Cycling Math Salden is selling a Wilier Carbon Cross Disc bike (link is external) with a Vivax Assist motor pre-installed for €4,990. It’s ready to ride, just charge the battery and off you go.

The bike can be customised to your requirements and budget, with a range of groupsets, wheels and finishing kit available. The shop offers worldwide shipping.

“This bike will be equiped with invisible Vivax pedalling system which gives you 150 watt extra,” says the bike shop on its website.

The bike will be assembled with the hidden motor, which is concealed in the seat tube and drives the cranks, at the bike shop and sold as a complete bike. The price includes a bike fit and free service after 500km.

(I like how you could walk in a store and buy one of these, it’s not like you have to meet up with some Bulgarian millionaire ex-cyclist who will sell you one of 10 bikes he had developed in 2004.

You just stop by Cycling Math Salden and say “hey, gimmee one of those wiliers that goes up hill for you.” Give them 5k and quickly roll out the door

They’ve pulled the page off their website, but you could probably still get one in person.)

from the vivax website:
Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 12.41.15 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 12.42.02 PM

All this is fairly damaging to Wilier. Anytime you’re riding and some dude tries to burn you on a Wilier you’re going to wonder if he had e-assist in it. It seems like Wilier’s framesets fit vivax motors well….

I don’t think its brand killing- but think about it. Wilier’s from now on will be linked to moto doping.


Feb 04 2016




-Mat T

I had one of those books and I signed it “Keep riding Tim” -Major Taylor I think its at D Lords or something.

If you watch the Landlords Book Commercial its on the shelf of books.

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