Fast Eddie R.I.P.

Aug 25 2016

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Out of Respect Landlords will be offline for 48 hours.


Aug 25 2016

Vuelta Check

Aug 25 2016

Esperamos que se recupere pronto!

I’m starting to get into it. Flat stages were dragging without the big name sprinters. Today was pretty awesome. Lots of unclassified hill climbing and descending. No bollards! Colombianos are representing in Spain, on the road and in the crowd-that’s for sure.

Flashback: Landlords Cycling Book

Aug 25 2016




Wednesday Selecter: Killed By Death Comp

Aug 24 2016

The New Golf.

Aug 24 2016

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But where do we fit in? I don’t think anyone wants us at the country club.

I could see this though. You know the guy that drops $10K a season at the shop and then rides 250 miles a year. He sits at the café waiting for his compatriots who also sit at the café. His jersey is from an Italian Gran Fondo.

Zone 2 syndrome. The syndrome where your HR goes up to 130 after the second doppio espresso. Followed by the Zone 3 sprint to the bathroom.

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It’s an interesting demise for golf.


Death By Bike


Sparrow Office

Aug 23 2016


Fast Twitch vs Slow Twitch

Aug 23 2016

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The guy who used to manage the Bike Line on Arch Street was a track pro. He told me he couldn’t move forward because he didn’t have fast twitch muscles. He was real cool – gave me a box of Christophe toe clips and 2 Cinelli Volare SLX saddles.

There was a messenger who moved down here from New York. He was a big dude. He told us he quit racing road because he got dropped by all the skinny dudes on the hills. He moved to Philly to use the T-Town track. (not really close). He was a beast on the track. He was real cool too. We saw him out one night and he was all gucci with a Lexus and a classy, sophisticated lady and we were like dirty on track bikes going to write graffiti and start trouble. Haha.

Monday Night Selecter

Aug 22 2016


Aug 22 2016

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Village Voice Photo

Rider identified as Ian S

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