Excellent Stage 9 Gallery

Jul 16 2018

VIA Cycling Tips

Weekend in Review

Jul 16 2018


Jul 16 2018

When you need a team car.

Jul 11 2018


Jul 11 2018

Something like this.

Jul 11 2018

My monday felt like this. Tuesday was ok. Heading into Wednesday we’ll see.

getting back into it.

Jul 10 2018

Sport Club

Jul 09 2018

Copenhagen Boys in the top 3. Like back in 2012. Madrid, Turin and Philly up there too.

Original Sport Club members plus new guys.

Slight Vacation

Jul 09 2018

Strathmere paint chip tester.

So much flat road.

End of the tire. Rear tire went all the way and cut my annual beach riding down to board walk cruising and bakery visits.

Don’t front on Britton’s.

Empty Pier patrol.

return to the germantownship

return to the ancient trails.

Out of the Fog

Jul 09 2018

Everything is insane.

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