Fill Em Up

Oct 26 2016

Steve’s going to have to add more rows.


Oct 26 2016


Oct 26 2016

Click Here to Donate.

15 dollars takes it over the top an gets the jersey. Who is going to make the move? Many riders approaching the summit of our first col-only one can get the KOM points.

Wednesday Instigator

Oct 26 2016


Here’s the stats for mid-week. Just watch. A whole new list of names will bust out of nowhere tomorrow. Or not. We’ll have to see on Monday.

Hope all these cats are going to cop some kit. At least some arm warmers…I mean come on it’s getting cold.

Are you?

Santini Store

I mean even you warm climate people. I know you need arm warmers and a winter hat when it’s 74 degrees out.

Support: Gary Knight

Oct 26 2016


Without Gary Knight there would be no Landlords. Show your support for the originator. I was just thinking about when we were talking about crew names. He had a list written out, I wish we still had it. OG material. What were the alternate names? There’s a manifesto in the Bicycle Gangs book. I’ll pull that out later. I bet you didn’t know that existed. A manifesto.

We need $15 dollars to get Gary’s Jersey. 53 x 11 for the sprint. Finish it off!

Oct 26 2016


In a week…

Oct 26 2016


This will all be over. What an adventure we’re on…

Be part of it.

Buy some arm warmers!

Italy and Japan

Oct 26 2016

We haven’t heard from Italy or Japan. Geez dude. I mean what? That’s our people.

Wednesday Selecter

Oct 26 2016

Earsnot famously said he stopped following rap music after Papoose came out. That’s about right for me too. But lately some of the stuff on the radio sounds good to me. Young MA on Quiet Storm, that’s good.

You hear her little intro? that’s how we feeling right now.

Other Sport

Oct 26 2016


Mat T GS ollie.

I was just thinking back to a year ago when some people didn’t even know what the GS was…You guys, you got to pay attention. We’ve been building this up for years.

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