Dec 07 2016



Thank you Aaron for doing so much in the time you had.

Ride in Peace Brother.

See you on the other side.

Take a day off from Landlords and be thankful for your friends.

Ride a track bike. Do a tag. Get a tattoo. Call your homies from back in the day. Remember what life used to be like. Celebrate ORFN. Remember what’s important to you. Remember who’s important to you.

This is a huge loss.

Our world will never be the same.

Another original, gone.

Another Landlord gone.

Another friend gone.

I can’t get over this feeling I’ve had lately. A great geographic divide between then and now.

Cherish what you have now. There’s no guarantees in life.


If anyone wants to write about Aaron here is your forum. It’s open. No judgement.

I know this is hard for a lot of people. We don’t want to lose anyone else in the coming days and weeks.

Reach out to old friends if you think they need it or if you need it.

Orfn was obviously the one I wanted to do the GS SF shirt.

To me all of this is dead serious. It matters.

Aaron fit in the puzzle.

Now there’s a missing piece.

Private Week Update

Dec 07 2016

If you donated or bought anything from us in 2016 please send an email with the Subject:

Private Week Application


In the body of the email please describe your contribution.


Giving Up

Dec 07 2016

I think I’m giving up on GS Winter Cycling Caps.

Everything is wrong. It’s really frustrating-there’s so many wool cycling accessory shops and not one of them can make this happen.

I have looked everywhere and the cap we want no longer exists. I swear.

Most wool stuff looks to Sherlock Holmes style for us. Like bruv, I’m not going on the Tweed Ride to the Pub, I’m going down some steep ass hill and then riding next to a river.

The modern tech stuff isn’t happening either. Mostly head gaskets etc…It’s ok, but not what we’re looking for.

We need that perfect hat that existed sometime in the mid 80’s-90’s, before helmets.

If you know of anyone who can handle custom hats like pictured below please contact:



I’m not expecting an email. Because no one can do this. These hats are extinct.

Looking at this hat you need:

Call me when you can do:

thick wool/poly blend knit material-like for ski cap.

Screened Goretex front.

Button on top.

Shit Mat T came up with 10 yards of goretex for us.

Where’s the hero we need?

Early Holiday Present For Yourself

Dec 07 2016


We’re doing some sweaters this week. Want to get into the Luxury Line ? Now is a great time-we were able to knock 30 Euros off the manufacturing price. Contact for secret info.

Dec 07 2016


Tape Decor

Dec 06 2016


TCOB-Watch This

Dec 06 2016


“only on a BMX.”

LV buys Pinarello.

Dec 06 2016


This just in pre-Louis Pinarellos are now way cooler than they used to be.

RIP 1961-2016 Family Owned Business.

Artist Series

Dec 05 2016


In January we will begin to offer a series of short sleeve T-Shirts for many of our member cities. These shirts will be pre-order only and will come with one other item exclusive to the project.

The back graphics will be created by different bike riding artists from each individual city..

Artists/Cities to Date

GKAE-Los Angeles
EARSNOT-New York City

Details on SF soon.

Goodbye Fall

Dec 05 2016


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