White Jersey Reservations

Apr 25 2018

Only 15 White Jerseys made, reserve now!

HMU through instagram!


Medical Marijuana/WADA Therapeutic Use Exemption

Apr 25 2018

If you race in sanctioned events and don’t want a crazy DQ talk to a doctor and apply for an exemption. Currently WADA still has recreational weed on their banned substance list! State legality doesn’t stand over federal legality. What ever your/our opinions are on this– stay informed on this changing issue.

(Or just race in unsanctioned messenger races and do you.)

Opioid epidemic is destroying lives daily! In short: weed over pills any day! US Doctors are prescribing actual gateway drugs every day. Stay off of that shit! Temporary pain relief will lead to permanent addiction.


Apr 25 2018

This is OG king glasspipe maker Bob Snodgrass with the Rob Roberson “Paramount pipe” I had just gifted him. Felt like a gift to the gods of the culture. The choice to give it away was totally spontaneous. Blessed by fate he tells me his first apprentice had quit his job at Schwinn to learn under him about glasswork. Said he was part of the production of the Paramounts in some way I think. Still have the Cinelli pipe forever I hope 🙂


Fashion Forward

Apr 25 2018

No cleat spacing as far as I can tell. Size 45– would fit me.


Apr 25 2018

Bike Coalition Youth Crew

Apr 25 2018

Cross Brand

Apr 25 2018

Who wears shorts?


Apr 25 2018

About as good as you can get.

Monday Morning Sport Club

Apr 23 2018

Thue! Copenhagen Checking in at #1

Bill Bikes won a race with no bar tape and a saddle bag.

Stay Safe.

Apr 20 2018

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