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Mar 24 2017

Thanks @g.s.landlords #landlordscycling #servicecoursecyclestudio

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What you haven’t ordered our new magazine? For shame.

Get involved!

Don’t wait to try to cheese a free copy off me!


Want a personalized copy covered in Sharpie tags, drawings and stickers?


#landlordscycling #limitededition #instoreonlysale @mashsf

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(real gold in the comments)


Help Leslie!

Mar 24 2017

Angelica Kitchen is closing after 40 years. The restaurant that introduced organic vegan food to New York on St Marks and 2nd in 1977 is closing its doors on April 7th.

Leslie employed both me and serge as well as many other members of the hardcore, bike messenger and graffiti scenes— closing in on 20 years ago!

She truly supported the neighborhood, artists and individuals for 40 years!

And now she is $250K in the hole. The price of bringing healthy food to the masses.

Please help her walk away from the business she loved for 40 years without debt. Any vegan restaurant that opened in the last 40 years owes her the help!

(I’m looking at every AK rip off gentrification-special vegan restaurant. you should be paying out the frame you counterfeits!)

Cap Pre-Order

Mar 24 2017

Hey maybe you can’t get the Lo Rider cap…IDK it seems tough.


Casi Roth of the GS is going to do a limited run of black GS caps!

The caps will retail for $22!

But you can pre-order now for $15 + Shipping!

The caps will be ready in a couple months…so be patient on this one!

Get in now at this hot discount price. Or pay more later. That’s ok too!


Australia Update

Mar 23 2017

(ugly as fucking hell. fuck. I’m personally offended.)

rack city
graffiti MTB
Shamal & self destructing pinarello decal
street found bootleg trackbike (gave it to a homie who built it up as a thrasher)
Klein (wack or not…cant decide)
Very chill Kona
The other kind of italian steel
obvious tourist style


Gitane Campagnolo

Mar 23 2017

Messenger Zines!

Mar 22 2017


Mat T Update

Mar 21 2017

Mat T or Twills or Twigs or Mat Terwilliger or Empty has been a mainstay of so many scenes over the years it’s hard to count.

Skating for 30+ years. BMX before that. NASA/Limelight skateboarding derel club kid. East Vill resident pre 95. Love Park in the mid 90’s. (tough years!) Graffiti in the 90s-2000s. Serve Messenger in the 00’s. Cyclist in the 00s. Rivington Club. Currently Shut Skates and NYC Velo. Head Landlords Contributor. IRAK. WRS. GSLL. LxDxLxSxOxGx OGLL

Send this dude some positive vibes or more if you can.

I mean it.


LOLOLOLOL-Douchebag Collaboration.

Mar 21 2017

I have like 5 followers. Type influential tweeter.

NYC Update

Mar 20 2017

-mat t

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Mar 20 2017

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